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in Knoxville, Tennessee
At The Skin Studio and MedSpa, we help you get rid of unwanted hair in different areas with our waxing service.

Smooth, Soft Skin

The hair removal method of excellence

Waxing has been a popular method of hair removal for decades, and for good reason. It effectively removes hair from the root, so regrowth doesn’t happen for up to weeks! With new methods of waxing coming out every year, waxing has become less painful than it used to be.

How often should I come?

Waxing every four weeks is perfect! You have three different hair cycles, and once you start getting regularly waxed they will start growing on the same cycle. Meaning that your wax will last longer and the hair that does grow back in is scarce. Also, we want to make sure your roots don’t have enough time to get nourishment and become big again (ouch!), so sticking to the four-week schedule will help prevent that.

Sanitation practices at The Skin Studio?

The Skin Studio puts the health of our clients first and tries to create a small environmental footprint. Our trained practitioners wear medical gloves and use each end of the stick for a single dip into the hot wax. This ensures no bacteria from clients ever goes back into the hot wax pot, plus we use less trees to help our clients feel fresh and smooth. No double dipping and no waste!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Waxing Hurt?

The million-dollar question, “does waxing hurt?” is nearly impossible to answer! Everyone has a different scale for pain tolerance and what is painful for someone may not bother someone else. However, at The Skin Studio, both our wax and our process work together to offer you the most comfortable service possible. If you’re still worried about managing sensitivity, we recommend taking an ibuprofen or aspirin roughly 30 minutes before your appointment to help maximize your comfort. Pro-tip: waxing more frequently will help with sensitivity as hair grows back finer and sparser!

How Long Can I Expect My Wax to Last?

The beauty of waxing is knowing you’ll be hair-free for a minimum of 1-2 weeks following your wax appointment.

Will my hair grow back darker or thicker?

Your hair won’t grow back thicker and darker after waxing, just the opposite! Hair that is removed at the root grows back softer and finer over time.

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